What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science aiming to accurately diagnose, successfully treat and rehabilitate injuries and dysfunctions of the neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems.

Physiotherapists will look to address the root cause(s) in order to normalise the structures which are injured or not working correctly to optimize patients function and movement. This will be achieved through a variety of different treatment techniques and where necessary the use of various physio gadgets or modalities to aid in this process.

At the Physio Boutique your treatment is very hands on or manual and we use a wide variety of treatments including soft tissue release, dry needling (similar to acupuncture), joint mobilisations and even joint manipulations, taping (Kinesio tape etc.) , Garston, muscle retraining and or re-educating through specific individual exercise programs which might also be augmented with the use of electrotherapeutic modalities. These modalities include but are not limited to muscle stimulation, ultrasound, TENS, occlusion therapy, ultrasonic nebulisers and more.

Can I use my private health insurance?

Yes, please bring your membership number and if you need it an authorisation code. We will do the rest. We are registered with all the major and not so major insurers. If you have any referral letters from doctors and scans then bring those along too.

What do I need to bring/wear?

Ideally some loose sports type clothing although we do have shorts and t-shirts for your use to. If it is a lower limb injury it is often useful bringing in your walking, running or cycling shoes so we can assess how your body is aligned when you are wearing them and see if this part of the problem or not.

Do I need a doctor's referral to see a physiotherapist?

No, we do not need a doctor's referral to treat patients. You can self-refer. However some insurance companies still insist on seeing a doctor first.

Do you see children or adolescents?

Yes, but would recommend at the first visit you accompany your child and thereafter depending on what the course of treatment is we can determine whether you need to attend every session with them.

For more information about our services or to make an appointment please call 01483 898307 or email info@physioboutique.co.uk

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